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Experienced across all technology platforms that support eDiscovery and litigation.

If you have an existing platform in place, the eDiscovery Collab team will work with you to get the very best out of your system.

If not, the team can assess your needs and make a recommendation that will provide the best tool for your situation, considering output, productivity, inhouse solutions and value.

Nuix Discover

If starting from scratch, Nuix Discover is our eDiscovery tool of choice for datasets of all sizes because it currently provides the best solution based on:

  • bank grade security
  • highly intuitive user interface
  • exceptional processing capabilities
  • speed at which legal review can be conducted
  • analytical tools
  • efficiencies created in legal review
  • pricing model
  • ease of data administration tasks
  • no user license fees
  • their willingness to provide alternate and innovative pricing solutions on a case by case basis. 

Using Nuix Discover, it takes less time to complete database administration and eDiscovery tasks.

Most importantly Nuix Discover is secure.

It sits in AWS SaaS environment and has obtained IRAP certification, providing the most comprehensive security and compliance controls of all the eDiscovery databases in the market. 


An innovative chronology building tool which integrates well with Nuix Discover, Everchron enables you to:

  • simply and easily build a chronology which can be shared with your internal team, external law firm, barristers, experts and witnesses
  • collaborate around a single source of truth – always looking at the most up to date version of your chronology
  • connect chronology entries to issues therefore building master and issue-based chronologies at the same time
  • view the underlying documents and interact with them by searching, highlighting and commenting
  • generate and update advanced witness files in real time, instantly forming connections between witnesses, documents and issues
  • manage, track and collaborate around your client’s case documents effectively because all your documents are in one place, including pleadings, advices and mediation, papers.
Nuix Discover eDiscovery
Relativity One eDiscovery
Nuix Discover eDiscovery


A longstanding eDiscovery tool, RelativityOne has more than 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries serving thousands of organisations globally. It continues to develop and innovate, and members of the eDiscovery Collab team have worked with this tool over many years.

RelativityOne features include:

  •  Collection of  data straight from the most popular enterprise platforms (for example, Microsoft 365) offering a fast, secure, and defensible collections module.
  • Early Case Assessment, Investigations and Processing help focus the data set to find the potentially relevant documents for review and leaving behind the junk.
  • Customised search indexes and filters quickly prioritise the data that matters most to the case. 
  • Automated and customised review workflows can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a team.
  • Disclosure workflows help to meet tight deadlines with flexibility and control, while redaction ensures sensitive data is protected. 
  • Analytics and integrated AI help minimise the document set, surface key insights, and work with greater efficiency.

A simply powerful solution for internal investigations and eDiscovery, RelativityOne holds ISO 27001, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, and FedRAMP certifications, and is secure from the ground up with proactive threat intelligence and 24/7 monitoring


Nuix Discover at the Forefront of Cybersecurity

Nuix Discover at the Forefront of Cybersecurity

Data shared during the eDiscovery process is highly sensitive and confidential. At eDiscovery Collab security is incredibly seriously, and we only work with platforms that employ second-to-none security practices. Nuix Discover has an uncompromising commitment to...

EVERCHRON – The Latest Chronology Builder

EVERCHRON – The Latest Chronology Builder

At eDiscovery Collab the team is always playing with new tech and that is how we discovered EVERCHRON. This platform builds chronologies and is the latest must-have tool for lawyers handling claims. EVERCHRON focuses on the more complex task of chronology building and...