In the world of Nuix Discover, there are so many handy shortcuts to help you save time while navigating the database. With thousands or even millions of documents to review, time is of the essence, and the less clicking required – the better!

One of our favourite timesaving Nuix Discover features is the “Pin to Favourites” button. It allows you to pin specific items to the top right-hand side of your page, giving you quick and easy access to your much-loved, frequently used tools.

To “Pin to your Favourites”, simply:

1. Click the “Tools” drop down icon, and

2. Click the pin next to the tool you’d like too access quickly.

Next time you need to use that tool, you won’t have to click “Tools”, as it will be pinned to the left the Tools Icon. To unpin an item, just click the pin icon again.

In the image below, we have pinned the History to give us quick access to searches we’ve run. 

Pin a document in Nuix

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Emma Swiatlo

Emma Swiatlo
Technology Consultant