As a CLI Geeky Guru, members can access a free 15 minute advice session with eDiscovery expert Kate Clark of eDiscovery Collab.

This continues Kate’s commitment to innovate, educate and support the legal community.

In a programme developed by the Centre for Legal Innovation for its Legalpreneurs Lab, members can access a free 15 minute advice session with a Geeky Guru in several specialist areas.

Kate will be providing advice in litigation support, eDiscovery consulting and eDiscovery technology.

Excited by her appointment and regularly using her new favourite title of “Geeky Guru”, Kate says “I am really looking forward to helping people understand the systems and documents that their businesses or clients have, helping make informed decisions about the most appropriate technologies for their matters, how to save time and money through the eDiscovery process, and decipher any lingo they may not understand.”

In addition, Kate says “I have no doubt that I will also learn a great deal from the questions, and it will help continue driving innovation in the legal market.”

Find out more about the Centre For Legal Innovation, the Legalpreneurs Lab and the panel of Geeky Gurus here.