Kate Clark, CEO of ELMS, comments “In awarding ELMS Nuix Discover Partner for 2020, Nuix recognised that ELMS were both a net new Service Provider to Nuix, and to the Nuix Discover SaaS Platform in 2019 and that throughout 2019, ELMS grew our investment in Discover across every month and finished the year with both the largest amount of data under management in the SaaS, and the greatest number of matters using Nuix Discover across all Service Providers. 

On behalf of ELMS we are so pleased to have received this award! It is I hope our mindset that will continue to push both ELMS and Nuix to drive constant innovation and value for our clients. So after a big night – thanks to all my team, our clients and to Nuix.”

Link to independent news article: https://www.crn.com.au/news/nuix-cheers-top-partners-in-sydney-539277 .