eDiscovery Collab CEO Kate Clark hosted a discussion to discuss how eDiscovery helps the different parties to a litigation, investigation or dispute.

  • Jane O’Neill who is a partner at Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers based in Sydney
  • Matthew Hickey OAM is a Barrister at Level 27 Chambers in Brisbane called to the Bar in 2010
  • Kiri Parr of Kiri Parr Consulting Consultant and was Regional Counsel of Arup from 2005 to 2019

Each participant brought their unique insights into how they value eDiscovery as the lawyer, the barrister and the client.

“Where do I even start?” was our favourite response from Jane when asked what value does eDiscovery bring to a matter.

eDiscovery Collab was founded in 2017 and formerly known as Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions or ELMS.

“The Joy of eDiscovery” – Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions (ELMS) from Colin Biggers & Paisley on Vimeo.