Email Review


Emails are the major source of communication in day to day business. 

So much so that eDiscovery Collab has developed a solution for you to easily and cost-effectively review an individual’s emails when sent to you via a PST (personal storage table or email Inbox) file or as individual emails.

Traditionally the solution that has been used is to import these emails into your own Inbox and try to review them effectively.  This is not possible in your own Inbox and has many risks associated with it.

Challenges during an email inbox review include:

  • If the PST file is imported into a personal inbox there is a high risk of  altering the metadata of the emails or their attachments, and deleting or moving emails from their existing order
  • The document set is not entirely text searchable making searches unreliable
  • It is easy to reply or forward an email from the live inbox
  • Nobody else can assist with the review
  • Sharing emails with others is difficult
  • Tracking where an email sits within the PST file is difficult when utilising the search functions
  • It is difficult to track what has been reviewed so the same email could be reviewed more than once
  • Duplicates cannot be removed leading to multiple reviews of the same email
  • If the inbox has sub-folders, emails cannot be easily sorted chronologically across all of the sub-folders
  • Outlook does not have any AI tools to assist you to identify near duplicates with similar concepts
  • Documents cannot be easily filtered into categories to assist with locating critical documents
  • Reviewing is extremely time consuming.

eDiscovery Collab support and efficiencies designed to avoid costly mistakes:

Metadata: To avoid compromising a case, it’s really important that the information is handled carefully.

Without the right knowledge, important metadata, that is background details of a document like when it was created or last modified and by whom, can be changed or lost, damaging its integrity.

What eDiscovery Collab does

    1. Talks to your client to collect the emails if required.
    2. Identifies the most appropriate eDiscovery tech platform and adds the documents to the platform.
    3. Deletes duplicate documents.
    4. Extracts the metadata for each document so that you can search across it, for example document date or title.
    5. Converts all documents into a searchable format.
    6. Creates a structured and organised database that is easy to use.
    7. Trains your lawyers in the technology to get the right results quickly.
    8. Produces a list of relevant documents if required.

This is a very quick and easy process and can be done in a matter of hours for a fixed fee. 

  1. It will streamline your review of the emails and make sure that you can meet your deadline with ease.
  3. At eDiscovery Collab our experts have more than 30 years’ experience and the technology know-how to deliver what is needed and provide value for money for your team and your clients.